Property Administrator

The Property Administrator plays an integral role in the Property Management team and is responsible for assisting the Property Manager with their tasks and helping develop a comprehensive record and systems database for the company. A Property Administrator offers ancillary services such as property management, mortgage, title insurance and escrow, and home warranties.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

The job of a Property Administrator solely depends on the Property Manager and can be segmented into different roles.

Lease Renewals

A Property Administrator creates and sends relevant documents to the tenants with regards to their property lease.
  • Renew & relet property fees
  • Arrange lease renewals
  • Create rent increase notices
  • Create waivers and documents

Routine Inspections

Routine inspections are mandatory when it comes to property management. A Property Administrator is responsible for contacting and contracting inspectors for the task.
  • Schedule inspection times in the property management system
  • Provide entry notices for creditor inspection


Maintenance is an integral part of real estate as the owner would still be responsible for the damage to his/her property. The Property Administrator would be in-charge of contacting the right people for property maintenance.
  • Assist tenants with maintenance requests
  • Contact and contract creditors/tradesmen
  • Collect invoices/quotes from creditors/tradesmen
  • Invoice Payment

Breaches/Rent Arrears

Whenever a breach of contract arises, the Property Administrator is tasked with creating, filing and sending the related documents for tenants who have violated the prior agreement.
  • Send breach notices/rent arrears notices to tenants in case of violation

Hourly Rate

USD 19.83,
outsource with Boomering
$5.62 /hr
AUD 24.89,
outsource with Boomering
$7.94 /hr
GBP 10.55,
outsource with Boomering
£4.24 /hr
Disclaimer: The local figures are based on the hourly median rate of a position with mid-level experience.
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