We are looking for a Real Estate Administrator with appropriate experience for our requirements.  This person will oversee the day-to-day operations of real estate office.  This person is to liaise and act as directed by the Australian management staff.  The role may require interaction with sales staff, other administration staff, tenants, and landlords of managed properties. Confidentiality, excellent organizational skills, and accuracy are important qualifications for this position.  The ability to communicate clearly and establish good client relationships is critical.

As a Monitoring Agent:

• Night Shift schedules.
• 12 hours shifts (3 days a week and 3 days off intervals)
• Outstanding surveillance and observation skills
• Good written and spoken English communication skills
• Proficiency in internet search and information gathering.
• Ability to exercise good judgment.
• Good recording and reporting skills
• Knowledgeable in MS Office applications

Your Responsibility as a Monitoring Agent is:

• Monitoring the Clients software for fire alarm reports
• Verifying data, geographic location and other important information and details
• Responding to reports within specified time frames
• Investigating incidents and checking its validity
• Maintaining an activity log and preparing reports
• Adhering to company policies and legal regulations

Benefits (Tangible and Intangible)

  • 20 days leave (15 VL and 5 SL) annually
  • Health insurance (HMO)
  • Salary increase based on performance upon 6th month and/or annually
  • Allowances
  • Learning opportunities
  • Work-Life balance
  • Open and transparent management
Boomering provides clients the ability to create a diverse workforce to extend their reach and significantly reduce costs.
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