IT System Administrator

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As an IT Business Administrator, you must be:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Minimum of 3-5 years of experience in PC support
  • Extensive knowledge of trouble shooting of operating systems (Windows , MacOS, and iOS)
  • Extensive knowledge of computer hardware troubleshooting and server operating systems
  • Understanding of IT security needs and procedures
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively
  • Computer Networking Certifications are plus

Your Responsibilities as an IT Business Administrator would be:

  • Conduct network troubleshooting to segregate and identify general network problems
  • Manage, maintain and update onsite and customer site copiers, printers and fax machines
  • Maintain all local software and hardware licensing to ensure conformance
  • Support determination of local and customer needs for yearly budgeting process and request for proposal processes
  • Perform with UPS to manage all UPS workstations along with existing and operational printers
  • Perform as back-up support on entire workflow systems
  • Maintain server, upgrade, secure, system backups and disaster recovery preparation
  • Support implementation and planning of deletions, additions and major changes to support regional infrastructure
  • Recommend software and hardware solutions comprising of upgrades and new acquisitions
  • Install software, maintain and introduce training as needed
  • Maintain and secure passwords, file system security and data integrity for desktop environment
  • Maintain and update documentation of procedures and configurations
  • Manage entire purchase of inventory related to hardware, software and other IT supplies
  • Develop and maintain vendor relations
  • Inform senior staff about industry innovations and recommend relevant upgrades
  • Plans the development, operation and security of the integrated computer network infrastructure
  • Ensures the security of software, programs and management information data; ensures the maintenance of backup data and the restoration of data as needed
  • Evaluates and recommends changes in current and future computer and communication network requirements to meet the company’s needs; Recommends changes in the basic structure and complement of the computer network system
  • Oversees the research, testing and evaluation of IT products and solutions; Oversees the development of home grown or reverse engineered solutions using data gathered from third party integrators and suppliers
  • Evaluates IT proposals from suppliers and third-party integrators as regards the feasibility (technical, economic and operational) of implementation in the company
  • Manages the deployment, maintenance, repairs, support and upgrade of the server, desk-top, laptop PCs, tablets & phones, hardware, software, operating systems, and distributed printers
  • Administers the local area network and virtual private network operation
  • Performs specialized installation and maintenance of computer network
  • Recommends use of state-of-the art communication technology for internal and communication requirements of the company. Ensures maintenance of communication equipment and facilities as may have been installed and assists other officers and employees on their usage
  • Responds to software development needs of other work units, e.g., data management, monitoring, tracking, payroll system, accounting software and inventory program, etc. by provision of guidance in the acquisition of existing programs. Works with subcontractors, providers & Control Center IT & other personnel as required
  • Oversees the installation, maintenance and usage of electronic equipment for communication and security surveillance purposes
  • Extends technical support and advisory services to network users
  • Submits to superior officer & other internal, external customers, all required periodic reports on the operations and activities of the work unit with corresponding analysis and recommendations
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