Digital Marketing Assistant

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As a Digital Marketing Assistant, you will work as part of the marketing team with main responsibility of assisting the Marketing Department by identifying a target market, create a brand image, and create and maintain a marketing campaign for the internet and for other digital technologies.

Key Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in marketing, communications, digital and interactive media or technology related field experience.
  • 2 years proven work experience as a digital marketing assistant.
  • Advance knowledge in digital marketing and its algorithms
  • Possesses a creative skill and can create basic visual graphics and illustration for social media postings and landing pages
  • Knowledge in key areas of B2B marketing (Google Adwords, social media, content marketing, email marketing, PPC)
  • Develops social presence and advocates company brand effectively
  • Stay current in marketing trends and news e.g. Google Updates, Analytics, AdWords
  • Someone who can work unsupervised and have an ambition to become a team leader
  • Contributes new ideas, techniques and feedback to Head of Creatives | Marketing Manager


The Digital Marketing Assistant suggests strategies to build a lasting digital connection with leads and clients. This may include optimizing online adverts to produce Marketing Qualified Lead and be actively involved in SEO efforts, Website and Social Media reach (keyword, image optimization, Ad reach, etc.).

Provides analytics to share progress of all campaigns – monitors and reports important metrics for website traffic, online ads, social media and email marketing campaigns.

Sets up a smooth-flowing lead generation and manages a wide variety of digital marketing strategies, including Electronic Direct Mail (EDM), LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Pay-per-Click advertising, and Social Media Ads.

Contributes strategic ideas including call to action, landing pages and social media engagement for content marketing and website and collaborate with designers to improve user experience.

Understands how to communicate branding; familiarity with industry trends and the use the appropriate strategies to draw in connections and conversions. This may need a direct collaboration with the Digital Marketing Specialist and Marketing Content Specialist to attain conversion.


The Digital Marketing Assistant should embody a brand-centered style guide of the company. The position plays a key role in the evolution of the company’s style guide and design patterns.

Understands the importance and focuses on the details of the Creative Brief.

Coordinates with the marketing team for other projects and event calendars that need scheduling.

Consistency and conformity in using company communication protocols by using different methods for different levels of importance (regular meetings, written memos, emails, asana, skype, SMS),

Accuracy of work deliverable that directly reflects on weekly scorecard, monthly KPIs, billable adhoc hours and monthly reports.


The Digital Marketing Assistant’s personal values should align with the company’s core values that govern how all Boomering employees behave, communicate and interact with each other and with the clients.

Possess the ability to adapt to change in the environment, stay relevant and has a positive mindset.

Possess professionalism and accountability.

Possess the ability to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively.

Possess the ability to interact, communicate and present ideas to the Management.

Responsible in keeping all raw data by creating necessary back-ups and cleaning the computer hard drive to ensure smooth operations.

Performs any other duties that is not limited to the tasks outlined in this job description and as designated by the Management.


The main aim of this to increase you brand awareness and engagement in order to get more number of people on to the Switchiit website which would increase your Search engine optimization (SEO) making your page appear first on google.

  • Regular updates on Instagram in the form of stories and posts due to the fan following
  • Start Giving out some basic exercise plan to the viewers to get them interested in your workouts
  • Create a link of your blogs and start posting them on regular basics
  • Unique exercises should be posted – educating the people
  • Cricket specific exercise and coaching video need to upload since you would be targeting cricket players as well
  • Start posting the group exercise format – in a fun and friendly manner
  • Diet tips can also help
  • Start a boot camp, where you invite people to join your 1-day free class workshop, as this is a good way to get people to join Switchiit.
  • For existing clients get some motivation going in the form of healthy competition – like who is the most regular gets a special price or something – this would ensure in retaining the existing clients
Boomering provides clients the ability to create a diverse workforce to extend their reach and significantly reduce costs.
Unit 1 Philexcel Retail Building 2 Philexcel Business Park, MA Roxas Highway, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga 2009


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